January 5th Morning Zazen CANCELED

Oops.  Valley Streams Zen Sangha will NOT be offering morning meditation on Thursday, January 5th due to installation of our new HVAC system. We will be open NEXT WEEK at 6 a.m., January 12.  Join us then for 2 periods of zazen and service, followed by informal tea at 7:20 am.

Winter Theme of Study

“The highest value of Buddhist practice is to shine the light of awareness on habits of mind that perpetuate prejudice and discrimination so all may wake up together. This includes learning how we are conditioned to separate ourselves by race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation and other forms of cultural identity.”  (VSZ Diversity Statement)

This season we will take up the concept of “other” and the object-seeking mind. Using our Diversity Statement, we will “study the self” and our human tendency to classify as “other” that which is different. We will see how our practice supports the development of skillful means in turning toward, rather than away from, difficult interactions. Through talks by sangha members and guest teachers, readings and discussion, we will explore together the “harmony of difference and equality. See our events calendar for details.

Thursday Morning Zazen begins January 5

New opportunities for a new year of practice!  Valley Streams Zen Sangha will offer two periods of zazen (meditation) every Thursday morning beginning January 5th.
Come when you can and stay for tea if your schedule allows:
     6:00  Zazen
     6:30  Kinhin (walking meditation)
     6:40  Zazen
     7:10  Service
     7:20  Informal Tea