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October 5,6, 2019 – “Buddha Activity” – Four Dharma Talks by Rev. Tenshin Reb Anderson given during Two-Day Retreat

An old time buddha said, ‘earth, grass, trees, and all living beings are engaged in buddha activity.’ Buddha activity is the unceasing process of freeing all beings so they may live in peace and harmony. The buddha ancestors called this buddha activity zazen.

Following are four dharma talks given by Tenshin Reb Anderson during a two-day retreat which took place on October 5-6, 2019.  They discuss the study, practice and realization of this great activity.

October 5, 2019 – morning talk (13MB, 1 hour 32 minutes):


October 5, 2019 – afternoon talk (7MB, 57 minutes):

*** NOTE – the beginning of the afternoon talk was not recorded, but included Tenshin Roshi stating that one understanding is that practice/zazen is itself realization and this was the subject of the morning talk; the afternoon talk would focus on another understanding, practice as a path, which may be necessary because the integration discussed in the morning talk is dis-integrated by the mind.  Tenshin Roshi discussed the six paramitas are one such path. Another path which Tenshin Roshi discussed is characterized by acts of playfulness, creativity and relaxation. The tape commences at some point thereafter.


October 6, 2019 – morning talk (11MB, 1 hour 20 minutes):


October 6, 2019 – afternoon talk (5MB, 38 minutes):